Basecoat Paint | Repainting The Gym at McMaster Innovation Park
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Repainting The Gym at McMaster Innovation Park

Repainting the Gym at McMaster Innovation Park


When Moe approached us with her painting project she knew she needed a change.


Moe manages the gym at McMaster Innovation Park – a 3,000 square foot facility complete with treadmills, machines, free weights, a spinning room, and yoga studio – plus men’s and women’s changerooms. Repainting the place was gonna be a big job.


The colors had last been updated almost a decade ago and included dated blues, yellows, and greys. There was no uniformity or flow throughout the space and many walls were scuffed and damaged.

Enter Basecoat. We helped Moe choose her colors, recommended a painter, and supplied the paint – over ten gallons of Sherwin Williams Emerald Line – for the project. The colors chosen were Sherwin Williams Pacer White for the main gym areas, and Morning Sun for the changerooms.

The Nix Mini Color Sensor was instrumental in allowing Moe to ensure that the color samples she was seeing in real life would match the color of the paint once it went on the wall. This is because the same paint color can look completely different when viewed under different lighting conditions. The Nix Mini blocks out all ambient light and has a calibrated LED light source to control for this effect. Have a look at the pictures below to see what we mean. The paint color is the same on all surfaces shown!

Here are some snippets of our conversation with Moe after the job was done


So why did you decide to repaint the gym?

The gym needed to be freshened up. We decided to bring in all new equipment and with that I wanted a fresh look. It was a two-tone color previously, and there is a psychological basis with the paint color in the gym and it just didn’t meet the needs of our membership so we came up with the color Pacer White which is a little intense but a little yoga-ish as well – it covers the whole shebang.


What attracted you to working with Basecoat Paint?

Well I wanted to go with Basecoat Paint because they came with a good review, and I believe in helping out local businesses. I loved how they brought all the paint samples I needed and helped me select the color I wanted.


What did you like about working with Basecoat Paint?

Basecoat Paint was easy to work with, they’re highly personable, they’re more than ready to help out, give you ideas. The painter they selected was very good, he was talented. It was a seamless operation from start to finish.


Would you recommend Basecoat Paint to others?

I would. I found that – as you can see – the color turned out fabulous. They were very hands on too. So yeah, definitely I would recommend them to anyone.